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Hal and Steve Lesson Plan 3: Food

Travel English Conversation

Semester 3, Lesson 1

Download the lesson here: http://www.halandsteveenglish.com/lessons/american-food-vs-korean-food/

There’s really no better topic than food, is there?

Cuisine, and especially pride in cuisine, are so integral to Korean life.  Children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents… no matter their age, they love talking about food.

It’s perfect for English lessons.  As a foreigner, you should share your love of Korean food.  What dishes do you know?  Which do you eat most frequently?

As native Koreans, your students would absolutely be charmed by the idea of introducing you to new food.  Ask them about what they cook at home.  Or inquire about interesting, but less commonly known, Korean food.  More often than not, your students will invite you to a meal outside of class.  These types of lessons are not only perfect for creating a fun learning environment, but for also strengthening your relationship with your students.

The particular lesson I’ve chosen compares American food to Korean food.  Obviously American,and Western food in general, is incredibly diverse.  There’s a lot more to it than cheeseburgers and pizza.  This is your chance expand their knowledge of Western cuisine.

You should also delve into the common phrases we use when discussing food.  “Made with…”, “sliced”, “spread”, “bake”, “boil”, and whatever else you can think of.

Even your most advanced students might not regularly discuss the minutiae of cuisine which is another benefit of this lesson.


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