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5 Great ESL Podcasts for Teachers

Are you a podcast lover like we are? Here’s a list of 5 great ESL podcasts that can really help deepen your knowledge of TESOL and become the best teacher you can be. Learn about the all the latest trends in TESOL, practical tips for the classroom, the CELTA course, and how to incorporate the newest technology into your classroom.

Five Great ESL Podcasts for Teachers

1. Masters of TESOL

Definitely my favourite out of all the ESL podcasts out there. In each episode Bailey—a TESOL trainer in Korea—speaks to the “people whose skulls are housing the biggest brains in the English language teaching industry”. Bailey manages to dive into the major issues in English language teaching today in a way that is deep yet surprisingly pleasant to listen to. I recommend getting started with Episode 7 “Why your ESL Lesson Bombed” with Tom Randolph.

2. The State of Tech

This podcast solely focuses tech in education. And while this is not necessarily an ESL podcast, many of the topics are relevant for the ESL classroom. If you are into exploring the usage of technology in the classroom then you’re sure to find some good ideas here. Some good episodes: Ep. 12 Digital Textbooks and Ep. 14 Flipped Learning.

3. The TEFL Show

Whether you are an experienced TEFL teacher looking for a fresh perspective or are new to the field, there is something here for you. Maek and Robert tackle a range of topics from language learning myths, working conditions within English language teaching to native speakers taking proficiency tests.

4. International House

This podcast was a great help for me when I was getting ready for the CELTA, several of the episodes deal with almost exactly the same information you’ll get on the course such as lesson planning, error correction, etc. It gives you an idea of what to expect and is full of useful tips and tricks that will make the course a lot easier for you.

5. The TEFLology Podcast

TEFLology is a bi-weekly podcast all about teaching TEFL. The presenters, “three self-certified TEFLologists”, cover an array of issues in the field of English language teaching and linguistics. They look into the pros and cons different methodologies and approaches to language teaching, as well as some more practical issues in ESL; all of which are discussed with some of the biggest names in English language teaching like Stephen Krashen, Scot Thornbury, Rod Ellis, and so on. This is a must listen for those looking to deepen their understanding and keep up-to-date with the current trends in English language teaching.

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Written By Luke Jones

Luke has spent the past 6 years teaching English in Korea. He started off in a small hagwon in Changwon, then moved to teach in a public middle school in the same city. Since then he has completed the CELTA course and an MA TESOL, and now teaches at a university in Seoul. 

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