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7 Great Websites to Learn Korean Online

While it is not essential to learn Korean when teaching English in South Korea, learning the basics (or more) will likely make your time in Korea more fulfilling. Luckily for us there are many great websites out there to help us learn Korean. Here’s a list of 7 great websites you can use to study Korean online. All of the sites on this list are solely dedicated to the Korean language, are updated frequently, and cater to a range of levels.

7 Great Sites to Learn Korean Online

1) Talk To Me In Korean

Learning Korean Online

Talk To Me in Korean (TTIK) is a fantastic interactive resource for anyone looking to start learning or improving their Korean. Hyunwoo and co. have designed a solid curriculum of 9 levels with around 25 lessons per level. TTMIK takes full advantage of modern technology to deliver its lessons. They use audio, video, as well as traditional textbooks to teach their course. On top of the 9 levels—which mostly consist of Korean grammar—TTMIK are constantly updating their site with new videos and blogs. They cover a wide range of interesting themes such as Korean drama phrases, idiomatic expressions, K-pop interviews, and much more.
Talk tO Me in Korean also have a great selection of textbooks to accompany their online content. Check out their Level 1 Korean textbook on Amazon right here –> Talk To Me In Korean Level 1 (Downloadable Audio Files Included) (English and Korean Edition)

Price: Free
Extras: They have textbooks and other items for sale
Korean Level: Absolute Beginner – Advanced

2) 90 Day Korean

learn Korean online

90 Day Korean began in 2013 as a 90 minute challenge to learn to read the Korean alphabet. Since then it has grown tremendously and now boasts a 90 day curriculum for beginner and intermediate Korean language learners. When you subscribe you get access to fun and engaging Korean lessons, as well as extra content sent to your email. What makes this site different from other web-based Korean language learning sites is that they offer personalised feedback to each subscriber. A great way to supplement your learning with this course is a crash course in vocabulary learning. Picture dictionaies are a great way for visual learners to imporve and pick up new words. We recommend this Korea picture dictionary sold on Amazon –> Korean Picture Dictionary: Learn 1,500 Korean Words and Phrases – Ideal for TOPIK Exam Prep [Includes Online Audio]

Price: $47 per month
Extras: You get a personal tutor to guide you through your studies
Korean Level: Absolute Beginner – Intermediate

3) Korean Class 101

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Korean Class 101 is an established Korean language learning site for all levels. They cover all four language skills, but place a strong emphasis on conversational Korean. When you sign up you get your own personalised dashboard so it’s easy to track your progress on the course. The programme has over 1290 audio and video lessons, knowledgeable and energetic hosts, grammar learning tools, and smartphone optimised lessons to help you learn Korean on the go. For a full review check out Linguajunkie.

Price: A wide range of subscription offers.
Extras: A wide range of extra features depending on your subscription
Korean Level: Absolute beginner – Advanced

4) TOPIK Guide

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The ultimate resource site for preparing for the Test Of Proficiency In Korean. The TOPIK Guide walks you through the process of signing up for the test, when and where it takes place, and most importantly has great content for studying for the test. You can find past TOPIK papers for all levels and skills, study guides, blog posts, tricks and tips, and much more.

Price: Free
Extras: You can buy TOPIK textbooks and workbooks
Korean Level: Beginner – Advanced

5) Beeline

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Beeline is an online video teaching course designed to get you speaking Korean as quickly as possible. The curriculum is centred around the situational approach to language learning, which places a strong emphasis on conversational Korean. Beeline’s aim is to equip you with the skills needed to go onto the streets and start up a conversation in Korean. They currently have around 50 lesson for both beginner and intermediate levels. All lessons are smart phone optimised so you can study Korean wherever and whenever you please.

Price: $97 per year
Extras: For this price you get full access to all their courses
Korean Level: Absolute Beginner – Intermediate

6) How To Study Korean


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How To Study Korean has over 100 lessons for all levels. Every lesson covers several grammar points and related vocabulary. According to the site ‘by the time you are done, you will know 9000 of the most common Korean words and 99% of the grammar used in Korean conversation’. In addition to grammar lessons, you can find short Korean stories, vocabulary lists, and more to help you learn Korean. This site is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to improve your grammar and reading in Korean.

Price: Free
Extras: You can buy PDF versions of the lessons for around $10 a piece.
Korean Level: Beginner – Advanced

7) Go! Billy Korean

study Korean

GO! Billy Korean‘s main goal is to clarify grammar points that are often considered to be “too difficult” by many Korean language learners. Billy has made close to 100 entertaining video lessons covering Korean grammar and phrases. Whether you are just starting to learn Korean or are an intermediate learner, this is a great free resource. You can buy his books which follow his online videos on amazon right here –> Korean Made Simple: A beginner’s guide to learning the Korean language (Volume 1) (Korean and English Edition)

Price: Free
Extras: Audio books and textbooks are available
Korean Level: Beginner – Intermediate

We hope you liked this list of great websites to learn Korean online. If you know of any other Korean language learning websites, let us know in comments section below.

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Written By Luke Jones

Luke has spent the past 6 years teaching English in Korea. He started off in a small hagwon in Changwon, then taught in a public middle school in the same city. Since then he has completed the CELTA and an MA TESOL and now teaches at a university in Seoul. 

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