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A General Overview on How to Teach Our Lessons

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Hi! I’m Steve, from Hal and Steve English. You might have seen me around here before. Some folks know me for making adult English lessons.

I’m here today to introduce you to our teaching philosophy and give you a peek at one of our lessons. By the end of this, I hope you can confidently use our Hal and Steve English lessons and courses to teach your students. This material is perfectly suited for classes or private tutoring. The topics are based on actual life and usual conversations. I hope you enjoy!

Alright, first things first… relax. Often times, English learners are accustomed to strict, rigorous teachers. That’s not how to teach conversation. This is a creative process. You want to open your learners’ minds to the process of freely, and organically expressing themselves. Even if they make mistakes, don’t interrupt them. Just make a quick note on a piece of paper, and continue listening to their speech. If you want them to relax and open up, you have to relax too! This is how Hal and I teach our students. We want them, first and foremost, to “Just Speak”. Mistakes are easy to correct. Building confidence and a willingness to speak is the most difficult part.

Relaxed? Good… now let’s take a look at this lesson. The title is “Are You A Daydreamer?”. I’ve had a great time teaching this at universities and our own academies.

You’ll notice that there’s strong imagery on the cover page. This is to elicit some type of emotional response from the students. Often, you’ll find great English lessons that are simple text. I’ve found that my learners have a harder time empathizing with that type of material. A strong, photo rich cover page is the right way to start.

Ask them… “What can you see?”. Simple enough, right? They’ll reply with a banal comment like “white mountains” or something really promising like “This reminds me of my childhood fantasies of hiking across the Himalayas”. You should encourage the latter type of associations. Creativity is one of the greatest sources for English proficiency.

On the next page you’ll see I’ve made a list of Tips and Tricks. These are common phrases that can really elevate a learner’s’ English ability. You’ll really want to emphasize these throughout your course. If you have a good amount of time with your students, you’ll want them to cultivate basic rhetorical tools, and these phrases are a good start.

The rest of the lesson is pretty self explanatory. However, you’ll really want to remember that you want your learners to be as active as possible. If you can, assign each student responsibility for leading one of the sections. In this way, they can learn English at the highest level (by teaching!).

Feel free to modify this material however you want. These lessons are meant for you to use however you wish. It just so happens that this style works for me. If you want to read more in-depth instructions for each section, then have a look at the how-to here.


And if you ever want to get in touch or ask a question, feel free to e-mail me at Steve@HalAndSteveEnglish.com

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