Jobs start in February and March of 2018.

All positions will have the same job requirements.  You will teach students English using the curriculum and books that YBM provides.

This will also include doing report cards, eating lunch with the students, and helping the students to become stronger not only in English, but as individuals.

Work hours are between 9am-6pm or 10am-7pm.

Salary will depend on your experience.  If you are a new teacher, you will start at 2,100,000 WON.  With experience and certification, the salary can jump from 2,200,000 won to 2,400,000 won to start.

All government required benefits will be in effect as well.  This includes 50/50 pay into the National Healthcare System, Pension, and Severance.

A single, nonshared apartment will be provided for you.

Employment at a corporate owned school.

Experience the Land of the Morning Calm everyday.

You must be a native speaker from either the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or South Africa.  The E2 visa in Korea can only be issued to people from those countries.  It’s a Korean Immigration Law.

Bachelors Degree in any field.

Clean Criminal Background Check.

Your updated Resume or CV
A digital photo of yourself (Preferably JPEG/.jpg format)
Your contact number and the hours you are usually reachable from
(Please try to keep the range of hours within 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Korean time zone Monday to Friday)


“English Expressions for Speaking & Writing”
A well-balanced English education covering all 4 language skills

Since its inception in 1961, YBM has been the leading provider of outstanding language education in South Korea. YBM ECC (English Centers for Children) belongs to a subdivision of YBM. Established in 1992, YBM ECC was the first major chain of English language institutes in Korea devoted to junior English language education.  YBM ECC promotes an integrated approach to language learning. Through endless research and development, the YBM ECC Head Office ensures all students have the appropriate skills to remain competitive in the ever-changing academic environment, and provides an opportunity for all students to grow into intellectual, honest, creative global leaders of the future.