benefits of teaching in South Korea

5 Benefits of Teaching in South Korea

When deciding if teaching abroad is the right choice for you, it’s important to consider the location and the benefits that are offered with each position. There are many wonderful benefits of teaching in South Korea. Here are some of the top perks that you can expect when you get a job teaching in South Korea.

Benefits of Teaching in South Korea

Free Housing

If you’re ever lived in your own in your home country, you know that at times it can be a struggle to pay rent – especially if money is tight. When teaching English in Korea, you have the added perk of free housing. Most schools will offer you a place to stay, rent-free. If the school doesn’t have an existing place set up for you, they may offer a housing allowance instead. This is a great way to save on monthly expenses and is one of the biggest benefits of teaching in South Korea.


If you had a job without vacation back home, you’ll love that it’s almost always a perk in Korea. If you’ve wanted to explore all that Korea has to offer or hope to visit neighboring countries, your vacation time will come in handy. You can take your vacation with ease, knowing that you’re getting paid to have fun.

Affordable Healthcare

Many individuals who have lived in the United States, for example, understand how quickly healthcare costs can add up. It can be frustrating if you’ve ever had to deal with health problems. The good news is that healthcare is very affordable in Korea. Your employer will offer healthcare coverage when you start working abroad. Many procedures and medicines are extremely inexpensive in South Korea. This makes it less stressful to move abroad, because you will know that you can get that care that is needed.

Severance Pay

In Korea, severance pay is offered to full-time employees, both Koreans and foreigners alike. Severance pay is treated like retirement money here. Once you work 12 months, you’re entitled to an extra month’s pay. This is a great perk that can add up – especially if you live and work in South Korea for several years.

Low Cost of Living

Another of the great benefits of teaching in South Korea is the low cost of living. This is great because you can stretch your dollar — er won further! You’ll find that utilities, everyday expenses, and transportation are very affordable in Korea. This makes living less stressful! As you can see, new experiences and exposure to culture aren’t the only amazing things that come along with teaching English in South Korea. The above perks are added benefits that can make for the perfect experience. Why not give teaching English in Korea a try?

Written By Natasha Gabrielle

Natasha is a travel blogger, ESL teacher, adventurer, and sometimes runner—currently living abroad and teaching english in South Korea. She blogs about living and teaching in South Korea as well as her travel adventures. Find out more about her and her travels at

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