university jobs in Korea

University Jobs in Korea

This guest post is by Jackie Bolen.

University jobs in Korea are some of the best English teaching jobs in the world. The top ones offer such benefits as:

  • five months of paid vacation
  • housing allowance
  • 12 teaching hours per week
  • minimal paperwork and meetings
  • an all-around stress-free time!

Sounds great, right? It is! I’ve worked in Korean universities for the past nine years and have really enjoyed my experience. I think you likely will too!

How to get a University Job in Korea

On my blog, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University  I constantly get so many questions from readers about how they can land a job in a university like mine. All of these questions and discussions inspired me to write a book about it!

However, a quick note before I tell you about what’s in the book; competition these days for university jobs in Korea is fierce! You’ll really need to have a Master’s degree as well as be in Korea to even be considered for a position. The majority of universities in Korea require applicants to have a Master’s degree in a relevant field and around 2 years of experience teaching at university level.

If you meet these basic criteria set out by the university, How to Get a University Job in South Korea will help you with:

  • job search and networking strategies
  • what to do if you’re not the prime candidate
  • mistakes to avoid during the application process, and in interviews and demo lessons
  • sample resume and cover letter template
  • FAQ’s
  • and much more

You can easily get the book on Amazon for the price of a cup of coffee. Or, check out my blog, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University and go to the “Uni Jobs in Korea” menu option. You’ll find lots of information there to help you out with your job search in Korea and you can also contact me with any questions you might have.



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