ESL and EFL Teaching Resources and Useful TEFL Links

A collection of useful TEFL links to resource sites teachers in Korea and around the world
ESL TeenStuff has tons of ready made lessons for ESL teens teachers.
A massive rescue for the ESL and EFL teacher. Search here for free worksheets, flashcards, vocabulary and grammar actives, and general ideas for you English class.
This site has easily accessible lists of the grammar rules of English. They provide PDF’s of these rules too!
A great resource for ESL and EFL English teachers.
An essential for ESL or EFL English teachers. Search for lesson plans, games, vocabulary activities and grammar activities. They also have articles about ESL and EFL teaching.
ESL Gold has an endless supply of learning and teaching resources for ESL and EFL students. Find pronunciation practice activities, books to study, textbooks, games, and a lot more.
Waygook has a massive database of lesson plans and materials posted by a plethora of EFL teachers in South Korea. On top of that, it has a frequently used forum which covers all aspects of English teaching in Korea.
Free graduate TESOL guide- Degrees, Financial Aid, TESL Jobs
The home of free podcasts in natural English covering a huge range of subjects from professional business English to social and everyday English situations for learners and teachers alike.
Podcast interviews with native and non-native English speakers, so as to provide a full range of accents, expressions and vocabulary to help with your language learning.
Real situations and authentic interviews, spoken at normal rhythm, speed and intonation to prepare learners for real-world situations.

Lollivia is a travel and lifestyle website. The link provides insight into living in South Korea as an English teacher for 1 year.

30 Academic Resources on Learning

Open Colleges has put together one of the most comprehensive list of approachable scientific materials out there. Teachers can these resources to stay informed, engaged, and most of all help their students.

ICAL TEFL are one of the largest providers of online TEFL certification courses. They have over 20,000 happy graduates, who are teaching English all over the world. Their prices are some of the most competitive on the market and all courses are taught by experts in the field.

Life in Korea

A collection of useful TEFL links from teachers in Korea

TEFL Blogs

A collection of useful TEFL links from teachers around the world