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CELTA in Seoul

CELTA in Seoul: Part Time: Spring 2019 / Full Time: Summer and winter 2019

The only place where you can do the CELTA in Seoul, Korea is in IGSE (International Graduate School of English). Find out how to apply here!

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ISGSE - Teach ESL in Korea

International Graduate School of English: Get your MA in TESOL 2020-2021

The International Graduate School of English in Seoul, Korea is about to begin its admission process from the up-coming Autumn 2018 semester. All students accepted will receive a 25% scholarship for all 4 semesters.

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EPIK Program in Korea

EPIK Program: Landing the Job

Public school jobs with the EPIK program and others are seen by many EFL teachers in Korea as attractive positions. They tend to offer more vacation and less teaching hours than hagwons and will look great on your CV. Find out what you need and what it takes to get into one of these programs.

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Teach English in Korea

Getting a Job Teaching English in Korea: The Basics

Why Teach English in Korea? Why Do Most Teachers Come to Korea? How to Get a Visa to Teach English in Korea? How Much Money Can You Make Teaching English in Korea? find answers to all of these questions here!

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Living in Korea

Teaching and Living in Korea: Some Cultural Differences

As you can imagine, moving abroad is a big life change. When deciding to live in a new country, you’ll need to adjust to new foods, cultural norms, and everyday routines. For many, life in Korea offers a unique and fun experience. If you are thinking of teaching and living in Korea, take a look below to see some of the cultural differences I found really interesting. By Natasha of

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Travel English Conversation

Travel English Conversation

A quick travel English lesson plan by Hal and Steve of

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save money while teaching in Korea

5 Tips to Save Money while Teaching in Korea

As an ESL teacher in Korea, foreigners are able to live a great life, take part in many new experiences, and even save a good chunk of money. If you’re thinking about teaching abroad in Korea, you may be looking for ways to stretch your money further. Top tips to save money while teaching in Korea. By Natasha from

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Hal and Steve

Hal and Steve Lesson Plan 3: Food

Travel English Conversation Semester 3, Lesson 1 Download the lesson here: There’s really no better topic than food, is there? Cuisine, and especially pride in cuisine, are so integral to Korean life.  Children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents… no matter their age, they love talking about food. It’s perfect for English lessons.  As a foreigner, you

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KOTESOL International Conference

KOTESOL International Conference

KOTESOL International Conference 2016: Shaping the Future with 21st Century Skills KOTESOL (Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), is a professional organisation for teachers. They have several local chapters all around Korea that host regular meetings featuring presentations and workshops designed to help teachers improve their teaching. In addition, they host regional conferences and international conferences

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