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EPIK Program in Korea

EPIK Program: Landing the Job

Public school jobs with the EPIK program and others are seen by many EFL teachers in Korea as attractive positions. They tend to offer more vacation and less teaching hours than hagwons and will look great on your CV. Find out what you need and what it takes to get into one of these programs.

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Teach English in Korea

Getting a Job Teaching English in Korea: The Basics

Why Teach English in Korea? Why Do Most Teachers Come to Korea? How to Get a Visa to Teach English in Korea? How Much Money Can You Make Teaching English in Korea? find answers to all of these questions here!

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CELTA in Seoul

CELTA in Seoul: Part Time: Spring 2019 / Full Time: Summer 2019

The only place where you can do the CELTA in Seoul, Korea is in IGSE (International Graduate School of English). Find out how to apply here!

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